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nCoVStats: A worldwide perspective on six months of COVID19

We have prepared an animation to visualize the latest development around the Coronavirus spread. It shows ย the dramatic worldwide perspective of how vast the amount of infections increases in comparison to the initial hotspot in China. For further details and in-depth analyses, you are invited to use our COVID-19 data analysis tool.

COVID-19 worldwide situation from Mar 30 to Aug 20, 2020:

Worldwide development of Coronavirus spread from Mar 30, 2020 to Aug 20, 2020

After isolating the hotspot in China in Feb. and Mar., the situation became critical in some regions of Europe mid of Mar., such as Italy and Spain. With introducing social distancing and long-term isolation, the situation started to calm down here as well. In the meantime, the USA became hotspot number one from April on and continues to be even after quarter of a year. Some South American counties, such as Brazil, missed to implement adequate isolation measures as well. They followed the same trend like the USA starting end of May. Russia and South Africa started to implement testing, which discovered more and more cases from June on. Furthermore, India’s numbers started to develop very fast from June on. It is expected that India will pass Brazil soon. Top 5 countries end of Aug are:

  1. #USA 🇺🇸,
  2. #Brazil 🇧🇷,
  3. #India 🇮🇳,
  4. #Russia 🇷🇺, and
  5. #SouthAfrica 🇿🇦.