Clinical Trial Matching

Today, the pharmaceutical industry faces a time challenge since approval of innovative new drugs requires successful completion of clinical trials. Identifying relevant candidates for clinical trials is time-consuming and not targeted, e.g. by using TV and newspaper advertisements. Benefits for participants of clinical trials remain hidden during their participation, which results in relatively high dropout rates exposing many clinical trials at risk to fail before their completion.

Together with experts from the pharmaceutical industry, we created the Clinical Trial Matching app: an innovative data-driven way to identify and contact relevant candidates for clinical trials within seconds. We incorporated latest in-memory database technology to test inclusion and exclusion criteria for registered users. Search results are clustered accordingly to identified similarities and ranked compared to perfect matching candidate. Ultimately, selected candidate can be contacted directly to highlight the benefits from participating in the given clinical trial.

During the whole process, the personal identity of candidates is kept private. After conducting an informed consent interview with the personal medical doctor, she or he contacts the clinical research organization to acquire further details. As a result, identifying clinical trials participants can be performed for the first time within seconds saving a tremendous amount of preparation time. Furthermore, participants in clinical trials may benefit from access to latest medical innovations, i.e. access to an improved way of healthcare long before it is released to public access.