Cloud Services for Analysis of Genome Data

Alignment screenshotGenome data can be used to identify individual roots of certain diseases and to derive specific treatment decision. However, clinicians and medical experts only rarely incorporate genomic data due the required technical knowledge nowadays. We focus on providing tools and services for non-IT experts that enable them to process and analyze medical data, e.g. genome data, by themselves. Our services are provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud applications eliminating the need for local hardware resources. Test-drive our Cloud Services for Analysis of Genome Data today.


The user logs into the personal account, which protects all personal data. After submitting raw genome sequence data, e.g. as FASTQ file, the algorithm for alignment and the reference genome are configured. The high-throughput processing of data is performed asynchronously, i.e. multiple samples can be submitted in parallel. After processing, results can be explored interactively. Thus, medical results from international research databases are combined to identify relevant mutations and diseases. Identified mutation sites of individual study participants are listed and sorted accordingly to their relevance for certain diseases. In addition, each mutation site can be investigated in a detailed way on various levels, e.g. nucleotide or amino acid base, using our Genome Browser. The comparison of genomic data from multiple patients or samples, is supported by our Cohort Analysis.

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