Join us for the 2018 National Digital Summit

The National Digital Summit of the German Government takes place in Nuremberg from Dec 3 to Dec 4, 2018. Together with the Platform for Artificial Intelligence, we are proud to present how AI applied in medicine can support clinicians, researchers, and patients during their journey.

Join us for the TMF Workshop on Omics in Medical Research

We are happy to contribute to the “Omics in Medical Research” workshop hosted by TMF. We will share details about how to apply machine learning approaches to facilitate medical research approaches with real-word examples from our AnalyzeGenomes platform.

Join our Intel Tech Talk about Analyze Genomes: In-Memory Apps for Next Generation Life Sciences Research

The given talk depicts real-world use cases from life sciences research. You will learn how we worked together in interdisciplinary teams to design very specific in-memory apps to support life science researchers. We will outline selected in-memory technology building blocks as well as applications that might also support your daily work. We are happy to […]