Join us for the 2018 BITKOM Big Data / Artificial Intelligence Summit

We are proud to support the BITKOM Big Data / AI Summit taking place from Feb 28-Mar 1, 2018 in Hanau, Germany. We will share latest research results of our work in applying big data analysis and machine learning to medical use cases. Take the unique opportunity to get in touch with our researchers and […]

Join us for the 2017 F.A.Z. Summit on Health meets Future

Mark your calendars for the 2017 F.A.Z. Summit on “Health meets Future”, which takes place on Oct. 12, 2017 in Frankfurt/Main. We are happy to share a visionary talk about the potentials of latest big data algorithms in the field of medicine. Looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt. Bear in mind, anyone of us […]

Join us for the Bitkom/IHK Big Data Summit 2016 in Berlin

We are happy to contribute to the Big Data Summit 2016 jointly organized by Bitkom and IHK in Berlin on Sep 27, 2016 We will share latest real-world examples of how life sciences research and healthcare applications benefit from smart data analysis.