Processing and analyzing data consumes resources of our platform, such as computing time, hard disk storage, or power. Thus, we integrated a fine-grained accounting functionality to ensure a fair usage of provided services and resources.

Gene Points

A gene point is the atomic measurement unit for any kind of service on our platform. As a reward for your free registration on our platform, your profile will be equipped with a couple of gene points to start. You can spend them to test-drive our services, e.g. to initiate alignment tasks of personal files or to perform analyses on individual files.

On the one hand, you can acquire gene points by sharing data with other users, providing your own services for others, or by answering questionnaires. On the other hand, you need to spend gene points to consume platform services or data provided by other users. The amount of gene points to spend may vary depending on the amount of consumed resources or the complexity of consumed service.

Our team regularly reviews the amount of gene points specified for specific content or services. The amount of gene points needs to stay within predefined thresholds per category of provided content to guarantee fair usage for all parties on our platform.