Data Federation: Hybrid Cloud Computing For Life Sciences

Cloud computing has been an emerging trend in information technology in the recent years, which abstracts computing power from physical hardware. Entities with limited or no physical hardware were early adapters of cloud computing, e.g. private households and small- and mid-size Enterprises. However, large companies and research facilities are reservedly moving their core business processes towards cloud computing environments due to legal regulations and various concerns although they would benefit equally from advantages, such as consolidation of hardware and improved use of available resources.

We help you to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing, such as access to managed software services, more efficient use of existing on-premise hardware resources, and access to our research experts. If you want to learn more about it, please feel free to get in contact with us.

A Federated In-Memory Computing Platform for Life Sciences

Our Analyze Genomes platform builds on a Federated In-Memory Database (FIMDB) system (also known as Platform as a Service) using a unique hybrid cloud approach eliminating the need for transferring data to central cloud infrastructures. During our development, we focus on the specific requirements of large entities, such as big pharma, hospital chains, and research facilities, but also on individual end users, such as citizens, patients, and family members.

Managed Services: Move Algorithms to Data

We provide software services as managed services (also known as Software as a Service) to our end users. As a result, sensitive data remains stored on local, on-premise computing resources in our FIMDB. Instead of data, we move algorithms and database queries, maintain a single source of truth, eliminate data duplication through data copying, and improve efficiency of existing, local on-premise computing resources for data processing.