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Electronic Registry for Elderly Care Services (ERPEL)

Click to download executive summary (German only).

Executive Summary

The portion of elderly people within the Germany population is steadily increasing.  As a result, the demand for adequate elderly care services is high. Currently, capacity planning and strategic decision taking is conducted by districts individually. As of today, this federated approach is lacking standardized analysis methods to create a holistic national view on the care topic.

The Electronic Registry for Elderly Care Services in Germany (ERPEL) (German: Elektronisches Register für Pflege-Dienstleistungen in Deutschland (ERPEL)) forms a longitudinal database of care-specific  measures from individual districts to form a holistic national overview. For example, it contains details about available elderly care services, the current available capacity, demand for a specific service in a specific region.

ERPEL allows the up-to-date quantification of offer and demand for elderly care services across geographical regions. Thus, it enables a standardized methodological approach for interactive data analysis and exploration to support demand planning.

User groups of ERPEL: Family members, social worker and social planners, as well as care service providers (excerpt).

Amongst others, we are addressing the requirements of the following user groups:

  • Family members, who struggle to find appropriate elderly care for their relatives,
  • Social workers, who want to offer guidance for elderly care services,
  • Social planners, who aim to support governmental decision-making through provision of latest data, and
  • Care service providers, who are interested in the current and future demand for strategic planning and investments.