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Tele-Board MED

Executive Summary

The documentation of patient treatments is a crucial but unloved part of psychotherapy, because it is time-consuming and error-prone due to an ineffective combination of analogue and digital media. Progress notes are usually hand-written and once official documents are requested, piles of paper documents are gone through and assembled to digital files. We developed the interactive documentation system Tele-Board MED, which allows patient and care provider to jointly take notes and freely structure them on a whiteboard-inspired graphical user interface. We found that Tele-Board MED increases the patient’s engagement in treatments. A second goal is to increase the efficiency and correctness of medical documentation, which is a matter of ongoing research. Generally, documentation panels in Tele-Board MED replace paper sheets with handwritten therapy notes. As a next step, we want to close the gap between documentation panels and clinical documents. In particular, discharge letters and medical reports shall be created semi-automatically from Tele-Board MED data.

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You can find additional details about Tele-Board MED at the project webpage.


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Stellen Computer bald bessere Diagnosen?

Vermutlich – vorausgesetzt, wir füttern sie mit den passenden Algorithmen und Daten. Denn sie kombinieren das Wissen von vielen Ärzten. Die Mediziner von morgen werden nicht mehr allein entscheiden müssen, sondern erhalten Unterstützung. So wird es eine Vernetzung zwischen vielen Disziplinen geben, etwa mit Computerexperten, Statistikern und Genetikern.

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Die digitale Transformation mitgestalten — Der Datenspendeausweis: Souveräner Umgang mit persönlichen Gesundheitsdaten

We are happy to contribute to the “Plattform Life Sciences” issue March 2017 focusing on the digital transformation within the life sciences. In our contribution, we share latest details about our data donation pass for citizens. With its help, citizens get full access to their personal healthcare data so they can request and aggregate them from individual participants in the healthcare system and donate them for individual purposes. Thus, citizens are able to perform their right on information self-determination for the first time in an extensive way.

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Datenspendeausweis für ­Bürger: Ein Plädoyer für mündige Patienten, die die eigenen Gesundheitsdaten am besten verstehen.

We are happy to contribute to the “Management & Krankenhaus” issue Sep 2016. In our contribution, we introduce a data donation pass for patients. With the personal data donation pass, patients get fill access to their personal medical data so they can request and aggregate their data from individual participants in the healthcare system. Furthermore, patients get full control to manage access to their data, e.g. to share a de-identified subset of their data for a specific research project.

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