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Is there a right to medical treatment with AI? (German Video Footage)

Join the recording of the litigation about Mr. Merk, who is requesting a combined medical treatment with AI. His oncologists should make use of a specific clinical decision support system building upon artificial intelligence, whereas the hospital fears legal liability for the software system.

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Better Diagnoses and Therapies

Will artificial intelligence be the enabler for better diagnoses and therapies in future?  

Whether you a medical doctor or a citizens and want to know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support you in your daily routine: you are definitely right here. Learn more about it in the real-world use case oncology just published in the German article “Für bessere Diagnosen und Therapien: Wie Ärzte und KI in der Krebsbehandlung zusammenarbeiten”. It outlines very specific examples where medical professionals and patients either already benefit or will benefit in near future from the adoption of optimized software tools incorporating AI technology for better outcomes.

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