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2014 World Health Summit

We are happy to invite your to participate in the keynote session “Research and Innovation” of the 2014 World Health Summit in Berlin on Oct 20, 2014. Together with our partners we will share insights and hands-on experiences in the presentation “In-Memory Databases — a Cornerstone for the Development and Delivery of Viable Models and Systems in Medicine”. We will give a live demo of our Drug Response Analysis application to highlight how personalized medicine benefits from interdisciplinary cooperations.

Use this unique chance to discuss your personal requirements with our experts. We are looking forward to having interesting discussions with you.

Weltgesundheitsgipfel: Big Data ist gesund

“Das In-Memory Genome Project zeige, wie die aufbereiteten Genomdaten etwa in der Onkologie benutzt werden können. Plattner betonte, dass die Zukunft von Big Data in der Medizin nicht nur der Wunsch vieler Mediziner sei, sondern sich auch aus einer Business-Perspektive für den Hersteller bzw. Lieferanten einer solcher Datensilos rechnen müsse.”


World Health Summit: Hasso Plattner Institute Presents Instantaneous Genome Analysis

“A new database technology from Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) holds the promise of utilizing personalized medicine on a comprehensive scale. This technology is to be presented at the World Health Summit on October 24th in Berlin. Originally developed for corporate software and honored with the 2012 German Innovation prize, In-Memory Technology will also help in the future to analyze and evaluate huge amounts of medical data in real-time. Complicated and expensive treatments, such as those for cancer patients, could then be carried out faster and better tailored to fit each patient.”

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