nCoVStats: A worldwide perspective on 4 months of COVID19

We prepared an animation to visualize the latest coronavirus spread across the globe. It shows for the first time the dramatic worldwide developments once the initial hotspot in China was already isolated. For further details and in-depth analyses, you are invited to use our COVID-19 data analysis tool.

COVID-19 worldwide situation from Feb 7 to June 26, 2020:

Worldwide development of Coronavirus spread from Feb 7, 2020 to June 26, 2020

After isolating the hotspot in China in Feb. and Mar., the situation became critical in some regions of Europe mid of Mar., such as Italy and Spain. With introducing social distancing and long-term isolation, the situation started to calm down here as well. In the meantime, the USA became hotspot number one from April on and still is. A couple of weeks later, countries of SouthAmerica started to report increasing numbers putting them also under the top 10 countries.

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