Pathway Topology Analysis

Pathway Topology AnalysisCellular pathways contain highly curated knowledge about biological interactions within cells. These interactions are modeled and stored as segmented graph structures. They describe how known cell activities, such as apoptosis, are regulated and influenced. Although pathways contain highly curated knowledge, working with them is still a challenging task. It requires the identification of relevant pathways and the traversal of its topology to obtain new insights, such malfunctions due to a incorrect regulated gene expression.

Identification of Pathways

To identify relevant pathways for a certain disease of function, researchers need to search for certain details, such as involved genes, products, and interactions. With the help of our pathway search the entire set of available pathway can be searched in parallel to identify relevant pathways instantly.

Traversal of the Pathway’s Topology

Our pathway analysis enables for the first time a traversal of the pathway’s topology. As a result, not only a containment of a certain details is proven, but the connection between various details, their distance, or their impact of further functions is regarded. With the help of the in-memory technology the traversal of graph structured and the combination with other structured data becomes possible.